One Choice: Two paths


It has been said there are two stories to tell: Good vs. Evil and Boy Gets Girl, Boy Loses Girl (Parent gets child, Parent loses child). They both come down to conquest. And it seems when you think about it, overcoming adversity  is at the core of our experience.

Every moment comes down to a choice: Are you going to take action for good or evil? While these may seem like strong words, they illuminate the crux of the moment in decision. The symbol of the “original sin” in biblical terms is the very choice this signifies. The choice between good and evil is at the root of our separation from “God” or all that is as what you may call it.

What is Good? and What is Evil?

Good means win-win. An understanding smile calms. It is never just good for you while being bad for another and good never takes advantage of another. Good means Good-For-All.  Evil is a concentrated energy that draws a vivd line between it and the world, it cuts like a knife taking down people as it touches them. It may seem good for the doer, but it is bad for everyone else and this bad usually comes around and is also eventually bad for the doer. Bad is Bad and evil is destructive in a bad way.

As a carrier of light, the choice becomes easier. Become a carrier of light by sharing good. A smile, a kind gesture, empathy and understanding, a good action asks for nothing in return, it brings a blessing into our lives.

Together We are One and in joy and acceptance we can find an easy path to make our choices, for good.

As we remember today and all those who died on 9/11 /01 and in other extremist evil acts in the world overall, let’s remember that in our hearts we are good and make good choices. We are all human and in this life experience together, peace can be found in kindness and allowance and gratefulness.

Smile at others, accept peace in yourself.


Statement Star Date 20230113


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I believe life is about experiencing the moment, assessing it and bringing feeling to it and then expressing that feeling. The labels of good, bad, right and wrong, are all human expressions.

We are the feeling edge of nature. Without us, nature is not able to comprehend such aspects. The feeling I have or you have or anyone has is always valid.

My sense of responsibility runs deep. I have also done a lot of irresponsible things. I am not living in my past as much as I am a product of it and trying to be responsible for my own attitude and place in it while being better for it. Passing my own judgment on my actions.

My idea of creativity is as an outlet of expression and it is totally valid even where I stand. I am just saying it can be hard. Like being the band playing as the Titanic goes down. At least in the last moment we have music surrounding us and brave souls to make it happen in the face of death. Creativity is the core expression of being given that as we experience through feeling we create our being.


Love is Time


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To experience everything we have time. Time to savor, time to express and time to remember. The one thing time does not gives us is forever. We live in borrowed time that is taken from us.

Age takes our time, sleep takes a third of our hours of life a day at a time and work takes another 40 and up hours a week, for most people more, way more. We work when we aren’t at work. We all know we can never give up so we give time up.

So when we love someone we can show it by giving the one thing we cannot stop spending, time. Arguably it is our most important resource, behind all that that supports life of course, you know nature, oxygen, water and food.

It works both ways giving time to save time of another and giving another undiluted time/focus and dedication so they don’t waste time worrying. This is love. My brother-in-law many years ago said to me that he didn’t understand why taking someone for granted was so bad. That was what he wanted. He wanted to have a love he could take for granted, meaning he knew it was solid and didn’t have to waste time wondering about it. He became successfully married and financially independent. Now, not without issues but he knew the gift of tine and how to use it wisely.

Take the time to consider this and try it out. Save time so others have more time of ease. Don’t be negative, this is a time stealer. Don’t leave work for others when you can resolve it and save them. Be a time giver and a time saver. And mostly, I hope this saves you some time. Good luck! Let me know how you do.


Checkpoints of Mature Behavior

No matter how you look at life, if you are reading this you are in a human body living through time and have leaned what it takes to be here, now, comprehending these words in this moment, a profound moment in time. Part of learning is to become mature which is a basic goal of all people, in order to live with a sense of safety, well being, ownership and comprehension. What follows are checkpoints of mature behavior. Given that feeling is a base right of life, how you express yourself is a choice. Recognizing this is a fundamental aspect of growing up. In a sense it all comes down to behavior and these guidelines are to help put situations into the context of mature behavior.

Clean, cared for personal spaces and appearance

Caring for possessions. Cared for things last longer.

Listening, assessing and expressing… being willing to communicate to resolution.

Deferring gratification… resolving needs before doing wants.

Being peaceful and responsive (open) to interruptions.

Sticking with an objective until it is done. Be part of the success.

The Living Trifecta


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Perspective and Focus

Three categories, three ideals to guide us on a meaningful physical trip through time. Without going on too long (TL/DR), I would start with that life is a unique experience for each person and there is not one singular focus point that will work for everyone. I am a white male and I am an American, so these are decidedly western (capitalistic) themes. My goal is to help each individual find self worth and value in their efforts; to be well balanced, healthy and a little hungry to succeed (Perspective). It takes individual drive and a good attitude with the ability to stay on course (Focus) when the going gets tough. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” My wish is always for your success.

Remember always that others are on their own journey as well and have as much right to their dream as you have for the success of your own. Do not take advantage of others and remember it is a fundamental aspect of living to feel and express, so learn to do it with the forethought that supports creating the result you want to step into.

A healthy mindset, sets you up to have a more healthy focused physical experience and more capable of taking action to grow your success and it loops back around with each step.

Mastering Mindset

Having a healthy mindset or thought process that keeps you mentally willing to take action is necessary. Mind is the Builder Physical is the result (Edgar Cayce).

  1. Begin with the end (timespace) in mind. Have goals and visions.
  2. Be appreciative of the efforts of others, especially when they are on your behalf
  3. Maintain a positive, peaceful and confident sense of being. (Balance)

Health Matters

Without good health, we really have nothing. This rule operates at different levels but the basic point is that a life is a physical endeavor through time –and time-gravity affects everything– including your body aging. You simply must care for your body or it will become your necessary focus and you will not get much further.

  1. Moving/Activity. Have goals, stay active.
  2. Minimize and eliminate Alcohol, Drugs, Cigarettes.
  3. Take Breaks from work to breath, refocus and be active and get 8 hours of sleep nightly.

Take Action

Taking action is the result of your mental space and state of health and putting it into action. One step toward your goal a day is like doubling your money. Taking action is the way the world responds. Take the most appropriate step, reassess and then take the next most appropriate step. Persistence pays off. Be a little hungry for your own success and don’t cause others work on your behalf.

  1. Be willing to step in and step up. Look for opportunities, be grateful.
  2. Live for a purpose larger than yourself.
  3. Pay attention and resolve the task at hand completely. Do not leave a mess for others behind you to clean up.

Help me refine this, What would you change? Add? Do you agree with the three areas? What have I missed? I really am interested in your input. Thank you.


The Meaning of Life pt.2


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The last blog left us with the understanding that nature cannot comprehend between right and wrong; this comprehension is our addition to nature, to give meaning to how something feels. In order to do this, The Course in Miracles teaches us nothing has any meaning inherent in it. The meaning of everything is only that which we give it and that is a unique feeling for each of us.

This is a huge step of awareness. The actions we take and the feelings we have matter to our existence but not to nature. Since we are the awareness sense of nature, our place is to have the awareness and sensibility of being responsible for the feelings and actions we put out into the world for others to experience, assess, judge and feel. Because here in the physical realm, it does matter. It matters to us. We are not separate from nature, we are nature’s sense of awareness.

The actions we take and the feelings we have matter to our existence …but not to nature.

This concept is mind opening. When we realize the actions we take matter physically to us but only matter as awareness to nature, we can become acutely poignant of our responsibility to our lives and the lives of others. We are living, experiencing this moment and it matters to our collective physical journey. All that matters to nature is that you feel so it can update appropriate now accordingly. You, uniquely, are responsible for how it feels because it matters to you. The point of experience is to assess this moment and feel it in order to update appropriate now in the next moment. Working with nature and understanding that we are connecting with it is the beautiful reality of a completely connected partnership.

Clarity of purpose helps us feel connected and that we are living a meaningful life. As a base to understand how we feel is fulfilling a basic function for nature, just as trees absorb carbon monoxide and express oxygen, we absorb a moment in time and express how it feels to us. We have our part and it is a beautiful and complete connection with nature.


When 1+1=-1


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From time to time I touch on politics because they are a human mechanism that affects everyone. Full disclosure: I am an American white male. We need to utilize government in ways that support the success of all kinds of people, not just the few strong ones.

When the government internally is acting in socialistic ways, caring for their own and then denying the same forethought for the people, we have to challenge the imbalance. When a political party becomes the bully while playing the victim, well, if someone we know does this, we know it is wrong. It is narcissistic and psychopathic. And when we don’t call them on it then we are enabling them and letting ourselves be taken advantage of. It seems like a political intervention is at hand. No I am not suggesting a civil war. I am suggesting we think, we work together and we take action in a meaningful way. I am suggesting we don’t let friends drive drunk.

Remember the “moral majority”? What we have today is very similar, what goes around comes around. One difference now is the NRA is stronger and these far right extremists are going a step further being bullies and crying victim with guns which confuses normal happy, helpful people and here we are enabling them.

We have to intervene. We have to vote and teach them a lesson that they cannot have it both ways. Bullies are not victims, don’t let them fool you. We have to let them know we govern together and if they don’t want to come to the table fairly, constructively and as fair leaders, then they have no place and are in a time out until they can be nice. The governing table simply must be fair. This does not mean the richer get richer and the poor get poorer and is does not mean the rich pay for the poor. It is somewhere in the middle and finding the balance is our elected officials job. When they are spewing extremist views, you can be certain this is not aiming for the middle, but trying to reset it at the cost of fairness. Is it fair for the top 1% to have more money than the 99%? Is it fair that those with guns get to kill people who don’t? Is it fair for the middle class to pay more taxes than those who have cleared that hurdle? These are not tough questions. They are about finding the compromise that works for the American family which is we the people, all of us, which includes the poor and the rich. But we simply cannot continue enabling the bullies then expecting them to behave better. It is time to stand up and intervene to right the ship we are sailing. Let’s work toward balance and call out those who are trying to tell us the ship is supposed to be taking on water.

We need to choose something other than violent politics because violent politics is one Republican + one Democrat equaling negative returns. No family can survive this and the family of we the people is in serious trouble. Please consider this in your actions.

The Meaning of Life (Really)


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Life is a journey of growth and awareness through developing a separate self identity.

Everybody wants to feel they know the “meaning of life” in order to make a plan and each day, have a sense of direction. I am no stranger to this paradigm.

I am here to tell you the truth and the truth is not all free of pain. It has taken me a long time to understand it myself. It is not meant to be like some dream of a perfect heaven where we are laying on clouds experiencing a complete feeling of love and peace that is free of care and acceptance effortlessly emerges from our light. No. In fact, it is much more basic. The meaning of life is right under our noses and has been there all the time.

First, since I mention time, I like to think we can all agree that life is a linear, time-based construct of nature. Time is our basis. Furthermore I would like to offer that time is novel construct is because nature has never been able to experience time in this way. We live through cycles of time in which we bring this novel awareness to nature and which, in turn, is used by nature as a method, through our thoughts, feelings and actions, for growth forward. This is the basic “I am that I am” awareness we all carry innately just by being born and developing a separate identity which is fundamental at this stage of nature’s development.

So if you have come this far, please be willing to hear me out. Here it is:

The meaning of life is to give it meaning.

As simple and clear as this is, this is not some sort of zen mantra and it is truly mind bending. As such let’s look deeper into this and what it means.

Up until our own awareness of separation through individual reality, nature has never been aware of time. Nature has never “felt”; nature is benign. To nature, what happens is only because it is the most appropriate thing in that moment and that is all nature has ever known, no past, no future, no judgment. The only thing nature has is the principle of appropriate now. We are the cutting edge of nature; awareness.

We use time to ascribe meaning to events. We see killing as wrong. We feel pain. We live through the “struggle” of our own bodies, all through time. Think about it. If you are reading this now, you were born and had to be cared for and learn how to read this and learn to make and feel judgment, deciding what is right and feels good and what is wrong and causes suffering. This judgement is awareness which applies meaning to the moment. What a feat for all of nature!

The most vexing aspect of the meaning of life is to understand we give it meaning through experiencing the amazing, the wonderful, the terrifying, the disgusting and the painful moments and then, by assessing, judging and expressing our experience we add to the knowledge and growth of nature. Different meanings exists for everything. Everyone has a unique presence, awareness, assessment and expression. The process of the experience-assessment-judgment-expression is the cutting edge of nature being it is more about the process than the result which would happen without it. Applying meaning and feeling is life, it is not to rise above it but to bring the awareness to nature. A hard to swallow bitter pill because we know how much pain hurts and we know the struggle and we can assess and feel the unfairness. Realizing that just knowing the process is the point, sometimes feels like it comes up short. Alas, this is life for the sake of living it. Life is being in the groove for the benefit of the larger whole. Our part matters to the growth of the greater whole of nature

What does it mean? It means that while we ascribe meaning through feeling that we have fulfilled the point of life and to push nature forward and that we need to continue to feel in order to bring comprehension to the consequences of actions. Karma is real and it is us having this experience which deepens nature’s awareness and development. A needle set on a rotating record plays the sound as it rides the grooves until they end. We are playing out our life of experience through assessment, judgment and expression until the groove ends.

Judgment is the physical sensible response. And to nature, it is the pinnacle experience. We are the element of nature which is capable of judgment. The narrow path here is that still, nature is benign. We are the judgment arm of nature. Nature doesn’t care about wars, abortions, mass killings and politics, we do. This is an important distinction, it is our judgment that gives it meaning. Our living part is to feel and to judge and guide nature to a place of more complete awareness. Anything that happens is to be experienced and judged which gives it meaning; this is the meaning of life.

Without us, nature remains benign and unaware in appropriate now. Our observation is the necessary element and the ability to assess, judge and feel is unique to our experience and the growth of nature. Welcome to your life: Experience it! Assess it! Judge it! Feel it! Express it! Groove on.


Market! Brand! Reach!

When life comes down to how well you market yourself, is it time for a reset or is it the road to success? Let’s consider the value of a life and what is success.

Course In Miracles teaches us that inherently there is no meaning (value) other than the meaning (value) we give to something/anything. In addition we are told our bodies are a mere vehicle for the All-That-Is energy within that is our true truth and that everything we can see or comprehend is the past. We are told that that life is an illusion of separation and that we are more than our bodies. In truth, we are told, we are one soul, one energy, all connected like the drops of water making up an ocean. That our bodies are just a physical carbon based vehicle. “Blah blah blah.” Ok stop! Stop right there. Just a minute now, I have to think.

My ego demands a word in here, should we let it speak?

Now listen up, Bud. This body you live in, well, you are proud of it are you not,? Or at least you want to be proud of it, so you work out and you try to eat healthy all because you are here in this physical world with all of its demands and feelings and these are real, right? In order to be physical it is an individual experience based on a separation/duality perspective. You are you. So, consider this: Your physical life experience is dependent on the level of your physical success, is it not? You need to find success and make money and live a good life. In order to do this you simply must recognize and identify with your time-based linear life process in which you must strive to succeed and feel the pain of falling short of your dreams and yet feel the empowering highs of your growth and awareness. Through all of this in a body you care for and identify with and that is OK. It is totally OK to give meaning to things, OK? Your life has meaning, you are as valid as you want to be but are never invalid. Capiche?”

So here we are, at a crossroads. To try to be purely metaphysical puts our own success at risk. Do nothing, get no results. Sure, be good at self validation and good about your own sense of being at peace, but does that pay your rent or mortgage? It takes time, effort and /or money to make money so unless you are fortunate to be born into a rich family or royalty and had the time given to you to contemplate your navel, you will have to at least contemplate the rat race and where you fit into it. Some days scraping and others feeling like your mojo is working and along the way, paying your bills and finding growth and hopefully staying in the top tiers of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. A physical life is not for the faint hearted, it is fraught with hardship and suffering yet its the most incredible thing you will ever experience. Why are you here now? Why? Because you are, there is no other reason.

Creativity is the one objective in life that drives everything. It is this life you were created into to create. Indelibly so. On one hand our soul energy is the brush, our body is the paper and the painting is our life. Our body does not do the painting, it is merely the medium. It is action through experience and expression that is our painting created. To do this in peaceful, balanced, even aware ways, our vehicle matters, we must take care of it. and it is OK to be proud of our vehicle. I want to be the best medium I can be for our energy to express itself.

Through our energy, pressure is applied and our experience (creation) is the result of the application. And to be clear in order to have this experience, a body is required, Our vehicle deserves our gratitude and respect and care as it also has to live through time. Therefore it has inherent value. The goal is not to transcend it. The goal is to be successful in it. We experience life as the medium, creating the painting.

We were energy before we were experiencing our impact as a medium on a world through a physical presence. We are energy first and a body second. The Creator (Painter within) wanted to create and our body was created out of that initial success. So ego, listen up, you have a place but it is not in first place, you merely represent our emotions to make us unique. You are not the painter, you are merely add color to the mix, stay in your lane.

What is success?

Certainly not the fulfillment of the ego, I think that gets into the realm of corruption and greed and power. So success is something different. It is not limited to power over others or our domain. Success is self accomplished goals, perhaps that matter to no one but you? Is it to be free of suffering? And if so, what is the basic fundamental thing needed? Money? Freedom? A country that does not control you? A Society and family that supports and loves you?

No matter how you slice it, to get to the point where you have the luxury of contemplating suffering, the the basic needs of life have to be resolved and it is up to you living through your physical life situation in order to accomplish this feat. To have a physical experience and to embrace the suffering in life is not to separate ourselves from our body but to accept it, be at peace with it and find the expression of peace within our energy. we cannot live free of the assault of nature on our beings. Time is a necessary construct and energy is timeless. We are timeless contained in a time/carbon based physical world.

In order to find success in this physical life so that you can find the time to contemplate how suffering is growth, you must recognize you were energy first and a body second and you must use this body as a vehicle of self expression (always consider what you are saying, be the light, think before you speak/act) and care for it as long as you are living in it. So yes, Marketing your talents is necessary, how will others hear of it if you don’t? And in fact your own success is dependent on how your message is delivered. This is marketing. Your brand. Your angle.


Thank you for reading, thoughts, sharing and any support you can give.

Everything in Moderation


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I can recall being raised with a few maxims. Today we call them memes and these thought bubbles provoke mind viruses that modify out think as we consider them. We may accept, reject all or in part or may interpret the message as a call to some internal reaction wholly unrelated except the in your experience it does relate and the message becomes an illocutionary statement.

These memes are becoming the way we communicate. And we have to be careful because we don’t know how our message will be interpreted. As a first mention of one I was raised with I consider it a cornerstone of behavior.

“Everything in Moderation”

You might think along the edges, “living dangerously” is the exciting place to live. It becomes the meme of the tortoise and the hare. Some Brooke was to go fast on the edges and push the limits and other like to go safely down the middle peacefully with room for error adjustment. This brings my to the next maxim

In other words not extreme, not to the exclusion of everything else. The middle of the road is the most stable place, it has room for error and clear perspective. Life has become more extreme and moderation has become more difficult to find. Where do you find and create moderate behavior? Do you make an effort not to be pulled to the side of the road and the rough ride on the edges of experience? Or do you thrive on the extreme edge?

“It’s later than you think”

Time, creation, experience, expression and consequence are the basis of living a life, which is, by my definition, the energy of nature put into a physical vehicle as a level of growth where nature through consciousness becomes aware of itself. Our experiences are nature’s growth.

Time is a necessary aspect of living and now is the ripple in time we experience through our comprehension of the past and how we create ourselves into the future. Our expression is “Appropriate Now”and it may not create the consequences you expected because you are not the only point of nature’s awareness. You are only one point of action within the total action of all the action in the universe. Together we can make a wave, otherwise we merely make turbulence.

So yes. I believe in action through care and peace and resilience. And it seems to me this is not extreme, it is thoughtful and conscious. And my job as a Shepard of nature’s experience is to create balance within the scope of experience and creation. Because there is only appropriate now, I recognize my behavior matters. I accept the consequences of this job.

Identity Crisis


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®202207_chandlerbriggs “finding our way”

Identity and Spiral Dynamics. With all this energy being put into “Identity”, it makes it worth reconsidering what is the actual development behind “Identity” and why it is has become important.

In a perfect world we’d all identify as a diverse humanity with our powerful and necessary individual identity intact but right now it feels like personal Identity is fracturing humanity identity by empowering a more individualistic, defensive and even self-righteous, narcissistic approach to the world where everyone’s defended viewpoint is more important than humanity’s as a whole.

At some level we have to come to a point where we realize that as important as individuality is, it is a supporting character to the whole, it is not the end goal. While we can all be our own universes, the universe we are together is a sum greater than the sum of the individual parts. It is this concept that is being lost in our fractured world. Together we solve problems on a global scale. Together we can create a world of peace and harmony. Together we can create a world of acceptance and respect. There is no greater truth than this.

Spiral Dynamics looks at the world through levels of development. This “Identity” crises we are in is a great example of “Green meme” which by characterization is well exemplified by the Baby Boomer Generation. But successive generations are falling into to it partly but not completely because it won’t let go. There is an intoxicating strength in the idea of individuality/identity because it feels empowering to the ego. Growth beyond it is difficult to attain because of the “I am OK, You’re OK ” nature of the Meme. So we find ourselves stuck in between two points of identity warring against each other. On one side, trying to make our own voice be the loudest where the one that wins at any cost and on the other where the basis that everyone has a chance to “speak” is more important than reaching a conclusion and nothing gets resolved.

Political Identity, Generational Identity, Gender Identity. National Identity, Culture Identity, Race Identity. It seems we can throw “Identity” at the end of anything and it fits and we aim to use it as a defensive mechanism to protect ourselves from the fear of responsibility behind the idea that if they don’t deserve your attention, you don’t need them, they just bring you down. The real question to ask is: Does it help us move forward as humanity or does it fracture us? Identity has become tantamount to self-expression and how we want to be seen, above all costs. It determines our expectations because if we are not seen by our identity then we are failing in an intimate way to our core. But this is a lie because no person is an island and to lose the larger identity of humanity weakens the human experience and bases it in fear.

True “identity” is not about religion or politics or conquest. It is is about recognizing we, at this time and place in the world are here to heal humanity or ruin it, it is a choice. It is our choice. I see a sea of individuality, like drops of water separated from the power of the ocean. Until we identify as the ocean we will exist separated as weakened fractured individuals lost in our attempt to own our identity. Missing the point altogether.

For a moment consider the universe as the “Big Bang”. In an explosion of awareness of itself the Energy springs forth and consciousness is born riding the ripple of time creating a past and becoming aware of potential as time exists as a linear concept. And now here we are riding that same ripple to the extent of individual identity of collective and splintering the strength of humanity into 8 billion pieces.

Individuality is important, don’t get me wrong. It is just when the approach creates disarray, it goes against the prevailing energy of nature which is to organize and achieve balance as a whole. As individuals, creating division we cause nature to fail. Nature operates in balanced organization. Karma itself is a balancing function of the universe in an effort to organize energy as a whole. This is not a new concept. The Beatles were singing “Come Together” back in 1970 and there are many more references all the way back to the times of Jesus and before. Greek Philosophers were certainly not blind to the idea that the power was in the masses and as individuals we lost. The point is not that Individual experience and expression are not important, because they are, it is just forgetting that the power of humanity is what has got us this far is our strength. “All for One and One for All.” is a (Spiral Dynamics) yellow concept, where we have evolved to look for the humanitarian approach to success and willing to know we do not have all the answers as separated individuals. There is safety in numbers.

We cannot let our leaders lead us into Individuality to the point that the power of humanity is lost! What we see is humanity as a whole losing sight of bigger goals such as climate while we pander about in fear and divisive individuality, all wanting our view to prevail (Green) to the point of not remaining open enough to listen to others (Yellow). Social media further separates us as we each look at our own reality in our individual devices and all the energy in the world seems to be pushing us apart. The amount of attention it will take to get us back together is not as much as it seems, but it is getting lopsided and nature is having troubles organizing so when the correction comes, it will be catastrophic.

Meanwhile, I am sitting here in my own office writing this alone. In my life I feel more alone than I ever have. My own family feels fractured and defensive and survives as a group of individuals “at war” so I feel I am living through this issue in my own space trying to act in “Yellow” where I clarify, ask better questions, express that it’s not expected for one person to have all the answers, extol the power of the group, try to develop a team approach and on and on. I am met with defensiveness and fear. So I get it, this is a difficult step. I wish you the best in your own battles and attempts to rise above the “green” din to a more humane “yellow” approach and realization.