One Choice: Two paths


It has been said there are two stories to tell: Good vs. Evil and Boy Gets Girl, Boy Loses Girl (Parent gets child, Parent loses child). They both come down to conquest. And it seems when you think about it, overcoming adversity  is at the core of our experience.

Every moment comes down to a choice: Are you going to take action for good or evil? While these may seem like strong words, they illuminate the crux of the moment in decision. The symbol of the “original sin” in biblical terms is the very choice this signifies. The choice between good and evil is at the root of our separation from “God” or all that is as what you may call it.

What is Good? and What is Evil?

Good means win-win. An understanding smile calms. It is never just good for you while being bad for another and good never takes advantage of another. Good means Good-For-All.  Evil is a concentrated energy that draws a vivd line between it and the world, it cuts like a knife taking down people as it touches them. It may seem good for the doer, but it is bad for everyone else and this bad usually comes around and is also eventually bad for the doer. Bad is Bad and evil is destructive in a bad way.

As a carrier of light, the choice becomes easier. Become a carrier of light by sharing good. A smile, a kind gesture, empathy and understanding, a good action asks for nothing in return, it brings a blessing into our lives.

Together We are One and in joy and acceptance we can find an easy path to make our choices, for good.

As we remember today and all those who died on 9/11 /01 and in other extremist evil acts in the world overall, let’s remember that in our hearts we are good and make good choices. We are all human and in this life experience together, peace can be found in kindness and allowance and gratefulness.

Smile at others, accept peace in yourself.





Senseless is the time taken
gone is the moment of reason
forever now the memory
the only thing left to hold

Gone are the smiles
Except for the ones
Who hold onto a principle
That is worth the pain

The sun still shines
Their lives were not in vain
Our pain is our freedom
Is what they say

To them it is OK
To them, life is worth saving
On their terms as shown
And for the rest of us,

We. Stand. Alone.

Let’s show them…
We stand together
We are strong

The Sticky “Earth” Plane


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Reality here on earth is unique and is also a curious stasis from other perspectives. The reason we struggle to find life is because we only look for more of our own physical presence. Plant, photosynthesis, Carbon based life forms. I am not speaking of authority on this as much as I am considering things I have read and am trying to put it into perspective on how we can use such information to help us in a world where we feel trapped by our past and unsure about our future.

I can surmise that physical life is an anomaly, a curious experiment of the curious light and energy of the universe. It is supremely unique because the density here is both perceived and expressed as “reality”. The past and the future are an experience and “now” seems to be fleeting. From another perspective of light energy and thought are fluid and moving. Growth is instantaneous. Now is eternal, the past is now and the future is now. There is no separation. Reality says “everything comes to a point, right now.” On this dense physical plane, how we exit this moment is how we set up the next, they are linked, but now we recognize the past and the future as separate experiences. My assessment is that our reality is not the only reality. We need to accept that our limited dimensional experience is what makes the earthly plane a sticky level in the overall growth of the “universe”, “God”, “light”, “Source” energy.

While there is nothing wrong with experiencing a “Sticky” level, comprehending it becomes a profound step in understanding how to reduce our density and become part of what it is that we are missing while lost in this experience alone. I chose to look to the light within myself. To carry and express gratitude for this experience, not matter what is thrown at me. I understand my growth is intact and profound. I am a being of light having a physical experience.

My meditation: I graciously accept myself and my experience and I allow others theirs with the same gratitude. I am light first, my expression is my light. I am a body second and have a responsibility for my body and physical experience, even as I transcend it, which begins the day we are born, our day of forgetting now is eternal.

Black Holes as a fractal


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For your consideration. Let’s symbolize a black hole as energy. A black hole does not “suck in what comes close to it”, rather, it has a very strong gravitational dense center. As a star gets close, it is affected by this gravity and it starts elongating. The leading edge compressing and gets more dense as it falls into the gravity, and the tail is flung out.

It comes to me we can symbolize this in four steps: 1. Attraction (gravity) 2. Time (elongation) 3. Reality (compression) 4. Fling (Result).

We are attracted, we spend time with our attraction, we pull in the initial energy and compress into our reality and then we fling out the rest. And then, we wait for the next appropriate moment of attraction.

The sense of physical separation is a curious reality to comprehend. I brought this idea up in a previous blog that we operate as black holes, so it should be no surprise that at the center of a galaxy a similar energy exists. We operate in the same way. It is the nature of energy.

Light bends, physical life diffuses and even distorts or changes it. We lose sight of our connection and we shine a light that is consciously separated from “all that is” even though all light is one light and the true connectedness of light can never be separated.

A black hole as fractal symbol only helps us understand how our physical reality works in cycles.

Thank you for reading and consideration.


What Light are You?


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The core principle of “all that is” is a connectednesses. “One Light”. For a comparison, there is only one beach on earth. The sand of the world is all the same, even though we separate it all into separate beaches. Same with the ocean. In a larger scale light is the same thing. There is light or there is not light. All light is the same energy expressed as light, not judging, not choosing who gets to see it, not making any specific demands notwithstanding the physical moment of awareness.

The truth is our spark that “animates” our body is of the same light. We are all connected, but just like our perception the sand on the world beach, we separate ourselves into individuality by giving ourselves names, nationalities, defining by color, sex, gender preference even political ideologies.

We lose ourselves in this individuality and by being unconscious we diffuse the light and express it as something different that the core principle of illumination, clarity, connectedness, safety, warmth, health, awareness and summed up as love.

“Appropriate Now” is an eternal moment or light and awareness. Light or no light. Diffused light or pure light. Individual light or connected light. Love light or separating light. What is appropriate now is this moment. What opportunity is awaits for appropriate now is when we connect through all that is which simply means consciously aware or what we are is connected in light. What we do in physical loves or separates and the moment reveals the intent in physical reality. The lesson of a physical expression.

Thank you for reading and considering this view of our connectedness.


Be the Light


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Through light, we connect to “all that is”. To consciously understand the physical experience/expression of light is to recognize it as one of separation. To have the experience and to be able to express “I am” is not for the body/physical experience alone but for the light to experience itself.

By “losing consciousness” in physical form means to be “ego based”, focused on physical as the “end point”. Light has no end, it just goes on and on. As we filter it through separated physical experience, we change the balance but we never change the core principle. We can only distract and create separation that means coming together as all that is, is not appropriate at this time. The opportunity to come together as one in light is always there. It is the guiding principle of all that is.

“Appropriate Now” is the moment we are all living. Seeing the light, being the light is always a possibility. I invite you to see, express and be the light of all that is today. Let’s make the “Appropriate Now”.



The Opportunity In Now.


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Every moment presents an opportunity to bring value or take value. By leaving the moment better off than when you came into it adds value. A moment is anything from, now, to the linear time it takes to start, do and complete. Moments are singular and they overlap. A moment is washing the dishes and it is a lifetime experience. A good metaphor is “Leave a campsite cleaner than you found it.” A life that adds value to the now it impacts brings meaning to the process.

We are not our hair
We are not our bodies
We are not what we see
We are not what we think

Time is not a straight line, even though we define it this way to create an agreed upon spacetime relationship. As individual expressive energies we are all like black holes, warping time and space, consuming and pushing out new creative energy based on our consumption. We experience newness in our experience built on the energy of our past experiences based on how we perceive them now in this moment of creation. We can give or get value from any moment we have experienced or will experience.

From a quantum perspective, now is an eternal span of existence. We are a sum total of all that is and ever will be. We are not slaves of destiny. We are creative energy that is impacting now and the most appropriate thing is always occurring; this is our experience, limited only by our inability to understand our larger impact on the world around us in our myopic physical form. This is where the thought that we create our reality comes from.

It is as if we are “black holes”, warping time and space and creating experience that overlaps other black holes. We are dissolved and re-coalesced energy anew many times in a physical lifetime. These seemingly “random” but actually “most appropriate” energy cycles are difficult to comprehend in a linear space. We see them simply as our past, but on a more real, energy level, they exist and create new most appropriate moments.

The guidance that comes to mind is to be mindful and remain aware, look for information you can use in the moment to bring value to the moment. Be willing to give. Leave the moment better than you found it. Return the value from a moment, to the universe, as the gift of awareness.



Our Constitution, Our basis


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From the constitution:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men (Humans, all sexes, all colors, all nationalities) ,are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness. 

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men (society as a whole) deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. 

That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and to institute a new government laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to affect their Safety and Happiness. 

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown, mankind (Society as a whole; “We the People”) are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, then to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably (sic) the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.

This last paragraph is written to be the justification for creating a new government and separate from Great Britain. The rest of the constitution lists all the reasons why “we” are doing the above. The Last part “We Therefore…” is the statement we are free from them and will fight for it.


My input.

Basically our constitution says: We are all created equal and have the same rights which are not limited to but are of the nature of Living, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Your happiness is as important as mine, we are equal. Period.  

It is unfortunate that the government that put this out there and defended it was hypocritical. In fact it is that fractured base which we are fully engaged in resolving now, and in some cases after the fact and in some cases it is still full in play.  

The fractures are (but may not be limited to):

  1. Taking the land from the Indians then defending it as our own
  2. Slavery (Human Trafficking)
  3. Treating women as less than equal in stature.

Each one of these features flies in the faces of the first sentence. Now it seems really off that there was no dissent on any of these things in writing those few lines on which we base our whole guiding governance.

I do not believe this Constitution gave the right for the Jan 6 2021 uprising which comes across like the Boston Tea Party over taxation, But it is a thin line when everything has become politicized and we can no longer communicate across the table. There will always be a layer of dissent, that door has been opened, I would only way it does not have majority so one-half suffer and one-half uprise; this is our way until we decide to embrace and communicate. 

Things get better when we work together. 

I invite your comments, I am an optimist and I believe things will get better. I too know suffering, My life is not easy, I do not have a lot of money, I have not made it rich on stock or crypto, I go to a job everyday, I try to save money. I have had to file bankruptcy, 

I have always been middle class and I have felt this slipping away, and no government programs can help me because I filed for bankruptcy or I made too much money. My life is not perfect, but I am here and I am a “free” citizen, I have a job, I can go where I please when I want to. Life is good. 



Projection Reality

When we think about “projecting” and how we project our own feelings and fears and pain onto other people, we might consider how this permeates our existence.

In this moment we are projecting the reality of the next moment in order to create an experience that makes sense to us. We want firm ground to stand on and will argue for our reality to make sure it happens in a way that makes sense to us.

Even the best of us do this. It is the crux of the “Earth Time Trap”. We project into the next moment a reality that makes sense to us because we can’t live in a world we cannot understand.

Why and how is this a trap? It has come into my consciousness that time is a trap of the earth experience because it is the root of that “power over others” matters. I recognize this needs more detail and it is coming to me. I will expand on this later. For now we are talking about projection which is the basis of our understandable reality. By projecting this into others is the way we experience power. Our reality is more “correct” than theirs, our reality should prevail because it makes more sense. Success and failure are both products of projected realities.

The question is how do we stop projecting a reality in the next moment? How can we experience a reality without projecting onto it and, Isn’t “projecting a reality“ the same thing as “manifest destiny”? What is healthy projection, is it possible? With a time based experience that projects a future by living through a projected past, what is the way out of this turnabout?

It is easy to say, “meditate, live in the moment, envision peace, pray for being shown the way.” Reality is a silent teacher that promotes free will and exists in the galactic power of now while we live out-of-alignment (karmicly) trapped in time and projection.

A life in time cannot be lived without experiencing it. This is basic quantum theory; our life exits because it is experienced. Not to say that a “life” only in now is not experienced, I believe it is maybe in ways I cannot comprehend because I am toiling in time and projection, just like you. It is somewhere along the lines of it is not life, it is pure existence.

In the power of now the only thing that happens is what is appropriate for now. It is not based on judgment or projection it is based on what is happening now, resolving now, and if not the right time, not resolved, then when next appropriate, resolution will again be tried and when appropriate will be resolved. I understand this seems like standing on slippery ground as in, “What is the difference?”. TBH it is difficult to comprehend because anything I can say is time based projection. I simply cannot impose bias on the power of now.

Power of now is all about being connected to all that is, what I refer to as “All is One”. Take away time and feel connected to everything now. Imagine this… This is the difference.

Living in time but not through it. Understanding the power of now to address life without projecting is making the statement to be connected to a larger purpose than self, alone. what is the power of now? When you ask yourself and meditate (which is to be “in the present”) What is the energy; The message to you? What do you feel? Is it different than your projection? Use this to check yourself the next time you respond.


Body and Soul

A body feels. A soul vibrates. We feel and identify with our body so it is easy to believe the feeling over the more subtle vibration of the soul. Our goal is to operate through the vibration which in the end will calm our feeling. Getting lost in the feeling creates anxiety, separation and question.

As an analogy our body is a vehicle, a car is a vehicle. Our Soul is a Spark, we are a body, who drives the car. We are a spark that drives the body.

We do not identify with the car. If it doesn’t start or gets a flat tire, we don’t take it personally. We know we have to care for the car but it is not us. We believe in the spark over the body.

Sort of theoretical but nonetheless perhaps a way to meditate considering the spark first and feeling as a result of the spark’s vibration vs. identifying with the body and earthly anxieties.

In this way, I believe the answer is to believe in the spark over our body, while we care for our vehicle. Express and live from and through the spark’s vibration. Believe in the spark.

I aim to bring light and soul vibrations to the consciousness of humanity. I want to help calm anxiety which is so prevalent in our world today. Breathe in Breathe out. Open your mind to the power of now. Namasté


Karma Redefined

Karma has a negative connotation in our time. “Paying for bad karma” stuff we did in the past that was bad.

Rather think of it as realignment of energies that have become out of tune or misaligned with our purpose.

We are always growing and need to pay attention to our energy. Our focus gives our energy direction. It is natural to refine our focus and we evolve. Karma is a term that means to refine our focus.

I read words to this effect in Dolores Cannon’s “A Convoluted Universe” Book 1. It is such a great reframing I want to give it light here. A good reminder.