One Choice: Two paths


It has been said there are two stories to tell: Good vs. Evil and Boy Gets Girl, Boy Loses Girl (Parent gets child, Parent loses child). They both come down to conquest. And it seems when you think about it, overcoming adversity  is at the core of our experience.

Every moment comes down to a choice: Are you going to take action for good or evil? While these may seem like strong words, they illuminate the crux of the moment in decision. The symbol of the “original sin” in biblical terms is the very choice this signifies. The choice between good and evil is at the root of our separation from “God” or all that is as what you may call it.

What is Good? and What is Evil?

Good means win-win. An understanding smile calms. It is never just good for you while being bad for another and good never takes advantage of another. Good means Good-For-All.  Evil is a concentrated energy that draws a vivd line between it and the world, it cuts like a knife taking down people as it touches them. It may seem good for the doer, but it is bad for everyone else and this bad usually comes around and is also eventually bad for the doer. Bad is Bad and evil is destructive in a bad way.

As a carrier of light, the choice becomes easier. Become a carrier of light by sharing good. A smile, a kind gesture, empathy and understanding, a good action asks for nothing in return, it brings a blessing into our lives.

Together We are One and in joy and acceptance we can find an easy path to make our choices, for good.

As we remember today and all those who died on 9/11 /01 and in other extremist evil acts in the world overall, let’s remember that in our hearts we are good and make good choices. We are all human and in this life experience together, peace can be found in kindness and allowance and gratefulness.

Smile at others, accept peace in yourself.



Subscription Life Rant

It has “always” been with us, probably before any of us can remember just when “pay monthly for services/products rendered” came about. Book of the month and record clubs, Publication subscriptions, even utilities, and internet and Cable TV. Now in the new digital world it is taking hold from digital Publications and publication aggregates, music streaming, and even down to some personal use phone apps. 

The impact to the squeezed middle class is nothing to brush to the side. Initially a dollar here, $5 there, $10 over there doesn’t seem like it is too bad, but it can add up quickly causing financial pain and serious problems for those living paycheck to paycheck. 

I remember back to the record clubs and how a month could be skipped now and then. Those days are gone. Utilities have been another story and we are required to pay these monthly fees just to live in a safe environment.  For $10 per month you can stream from a selection of 40 million songs.

Many apps are now charging subscription fees rather than just selling the App for a bought license. Adobe has been doing this for about 7 years now. When you buy an app in the App store, check for the purchase. If you find an app with a subscription and you do not want that, you can usually search and find a comparable app that you can purchase, rather than subscribe. Though the price may be a little higher, it is a budgetary amount with no monthly fees. Admittedly the subscription fee means always the latest version and buying the app usually means you may have additional upgrade fees so it is wise to see if you can cost out the app over 5 years to compare overall costs.

The underlying tragedy in Creative content (music, software programs, news and creative writing) and App Creation as sold in an App Store, for example, is how the creators themselves get paid. So first the end user is dinged by a monthly fee, then the Company hosting/promoting  the product takes the bulk of the amount giving the creator a very small amount which is usually, unless you are a very popular Artist/Author, not enough to make a living on.  Our world is more and more taking from those who have less and giving it to those who have more while they, in turn, pay the content creators less resulting in those who have can have more.  And so the story goes: The rich get richer and the poor get poorer until there is no middle class and there are only the rich and the poor and this bar is climbing higher and higher on the income chain. What used to be a good living even in the early 2000’s now is not enough to even be middle class. 

It is a sad day when the shrinking middle class is both driving and supporting the economy and yet is being raped by it. The subscription method of payment is also not going to the creators but the hosts. It is a downward spiral. In reality the rich would not be here without the poor, the music Apps subscriptions would not be sold without the creators and the audience. So until the Creators get a fair share, it is unfair. Everyone working deserves to make a buck and by sharing the wealth it would drive the price down and even grow the middle class again. Think about it, the creators get more which could create a new dynamic where everyone wins. Imagine an environment where the audience has more money and is more apt to buy subscriptions style apps.  It is a win-win-win.

My point is the way it is structured, money is going to the wrong place and it is breaking down a society that already is having difficulty affording a reasonable life. In summary:

1. Subscription Costs add up creating leaks in personal budgetary systems 

2. The bulk of fees/payments collected go to the top and trickle down to the creator. 

Time to spread the wealth and get the world moving back in a groove. We are all humans together on this blue ball, let’s work together for the benefit of Allkind. 

Just my view here in this time on planet earth. 201909.

180° Thought

It has occurred to me that in my recent blogs I have struck a chord for me that many of the issues in our society are culturally founded and politically based.

I keep struggling with, “What can I do?”, when I am a white man in a white man’s culture raised in the baby boomer years on the heels of American expansion and industrial revolution. Coupling this with the Baby Boomer meme that rules them all: “I’m OK,you’re OK” (Ken Wilber, @thekenwilber “Boomeritis”©️2002)

It has finally dawned on me. “We the people” have to take matters in our hands.

1. Stop complaining and whining. Instead take positive action.

2. Resist labeling people of any color at every opportunity. From here on out think of it as only: a man or men, a woman or women, child or children, girl or girls or boy or boys, young adult or young adults.

Removing the color/race and even sexual orientation labeling will flatten our experience to a human one and so flatten also our cultures to heal from the inside out.

As a thought motivator, the more we realize what is done to any of us is done to all of us, the better off we will be. Build empathy on the golden rule.

By forcing ourselves to interact as humans is a first step which we can each take an individual stance. Please join me in taking a step toward Omni-Equality by removing such culturally loaded labels from our speech and clearing them from our mind.

I challenge the media to do this on a grander scale.

Thoughts expressed here are my own opinion on how culturally we can achieve, “Together We Are One”

Thank you for reading, taking action and sharing.

Working through the way to Omni-Equality

We cannot have a complete understanding of why inequality for women and people of color, without reviewing the past.

Much of the block can be tracked back to the assassination of Lincoln on April 14, 1865. Andrew Johnson assumes the presidency and was not the man to follow through with Lincoln’s plans. Unfortunately as better as Grant may have been in many cases, the removal of federal troops from the south put the final nail in “Reconstruction’s” coffin.

Frankly the inability for the government to complete reconstruction for the sake of future generations was a huge and short-sighted misstep. This is largely, if not solely a political issue. We the people are not the problem, overall. The problem is enlarged or resolved by our leadership. Without the political will to resolve reconstruction when it would have had far reaching results of increased Omni-equality, leaves us hurting today.

The political energy back then, especially, was largely “white males” and this is no help in the matter.

It is also why Reparations is a valid consideration. For better or worse Native American “reconstruction” ended with them retaining their own sovereignty and land within the United States. This is not a discussion about the good or bad of this, just as an example. Blacks largely got nothing and were berated along the way.

The vote to black men and women overall was a political fiasco when the divide struck for not both but not one without the other.

Overall the steps to Omni-Equality are long and difficult and largely political. If this Trump Presidency is doing anything it is bringing issues like this to the forefront. It is time to do something about it. I believe the step lies within the political leadership but I doubt they can accomplish it, because culturally, that divide still exists. Luckily it is quite as much a “white man’s” club as it used to be. There is always hope.

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These are my views and opinions as understood at this time and expressed by me. Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing as you see fit to be part of the discussion.

What’s next?

Life in America is fucked up. The American Dream has been stolen by the rich getting richer and squeezing the middle class out of existence, while they spend millions of dollars on investigations. The original intent of our constitution missed the cultural problem being created by failing reconstruction in the first place and build America on a base of routing the Native Americans to call this place our home.

These problems will not be solved by the individual who carries empathy and equality in their heart. There is a fundamental shift occurring in America. The rich want to blame the loss of the American Dream on immigration and especially illegal immigration. The fact of the matter is we are a country of immigrants. So the problem really is more one of country age and population. As resources on our changing earth become more limited for a growing population, people are growing to migrate to the most resource rich place. This is historically true. Now that the population is greater, making the world smaller, the boundaries are going to gray.

Until the leaders look at this as a world population issue and stop trying to pretend it wasn’t a political issue in the first place. With both the Native American routing and the inability to complete reconstruction after the Civil War as two kingpin political weaknesses, we’ll continue this problem.

Meanwhile as long as CEOs are not trying their salaries to their own bottom tier in order to bring up those below them into more rewarding lives, we’ll continue this problem.

We may be a great country and we may have a great constitution, but we are not living up to its greatness. The original intent was to bring all Americans along for the ride, to embrace the legal immigrant, to be a shining star in the earthly constellation of nations. With inequality, racism and the rich getting richer while poor get poorer, we have serious work to do.

Symbolically people on the earth are heating up, we are feeling the burn. And the earth is only a reflection of our spiritual state.

Remember: “Together We Are One” Together was can calm our spirits and work together to cool this down, if we don’t we are doomed.

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.

Happy Independence Day 2019

My Fourth of July celebration message today is different. We, the people of the United States of America are here today, built on a tumultuous past. Whereas in the past this day has been about celebrating how we gained independence as a nation (for me anyway). Today it becomes about recognizing that many atrocities occurred to get us here, people of cultures have been mistreated and nearly or even completely annihilated. Yet we today know this as history, not of “our personal doing”.  The story is a tough one to know. But it is important to recognize.

So today I want to say Happy Independence Day to all for what those in our past have all overcome and that I am truly sorry for past atrocities of my culture.

We are here to come together to remember them so we can rise above them in a celebration, of today and tomorrow recognizing, if nothing else, we are here in our diverse beauty and it could have been worse, a lot worse. 

Thank you for being here with me in this time that we may all celebrate the Independence we have all benefited from through our tumultuous past.

When focus gets in the way

I emphasize focus to completion a lot, especially with my kids. Focus is a necessary and most important ingredient for a successful life.

But focus is also like a telescope, which by its nature edits out the surrounding area/energy. By design focus is an editing tool.

Think of it this way, the way your vision and mind work together is through a natural focus which makes what you are looking at/focusing on brighter, bigger and bolder. There is a weaknesses embedded into this and it is not just the natural edit. It is that we strive to confirm the world we see so we will interpolate in our mind to fill in the unseen holes. What we are left with is a focused image in our mind to the making of our confirming design.

When this happens we limit the freedom and serendipity of the point of our focus. Many times we walk away satisfied with our own version, but it is just one of many and more layered facets we have also missed.

Think how we do this to people, seeing one facet and interpolating to confirm our version and then holding them to this limited version, then consider they are doing this to you.

It would be prudent in our focus to be aware and open to new information to allow our interpolated image to be modified and move through time. To allow more information in and to relax our focus to take in more. We are all learning and growing in a linear time space, we make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean we are necessarily bad people. Inherently we are good, let’s allow our focus to look for the good too.

Healthy Choices

It is imperative to the quality of life that we make healthy choices. That the choice reflect care for ourselves, our things and those around you.

What we eat, how we pay attention to what we eat while eating, our clothes and room and bed, fresh air, staying hydrated, warm, comfortable are all part of this equation for our own good.

Be proactive in your approach to your life. Live with care. You will be rewarded with good quality experience.

What We See is What We Get

It may not always seem like this, but over time what we expect is what we get. Because indelibly, we believe it so strongly we act in ways that bring that out of others and we see that, confirmed in the universe, because we look for it and find ways to see it, no matter what. Confirmation is better than being wrong and the ego will do whatever it takes to not be wrong, even in agreeing that it is. In the end, to remain in self-righteous power is the drive of the ego.

When we respond to others in ways that confirm how we see them instead of allowing them to be themselves and accepting them in an open, positive, empowering ways, we miss their gift; we push them to feel less of themselves and sooner or later our relationship is based on this colorized, limited, defensive, unattractive energy.

Start by allowing, don’t project. Give others space to be and grow, find the beauty in the journey. We are all humans and are both strong and weak, good and bad, right and wrong. Let’s start focusing on our growth and not our shortcomings. See through the eyes of potential and support. Be positive!

Thank you for reading.

Issac Lidsky Makes It Clear

Everything written here, at thoughmotivater, is voiced in this less than 12 minute video:

Please do your future self a favor and watch this, if it doesn’t change your life it will at least give you the opportunity to change the way you see yourself and the world around you.

Your life is worth the effort.

Peace and good luck to all. Together, We Are One.