One Choice: Two paths


It has been said there are two stories to tell: Good vs. Evil and Boy Gets Girl, Boy Loses Girl (Parent gets child, Parent loses child). They both come down to conquest. And it seems when you think about it, overcoming adversity  is at the core of our experience.

Every moment comes down to a choice: Are you going to take action for good or evil? While these may seem like strong words, they illuminate the crux of the moment in decision. The symbol of the “original sin” in biblical terms is the very choice this signifies. The choice between good and evil is at the root of our separation from “God” or all that is as what you may call it.

What is Good? and What is Evil?

Good means win-win. An understanding smile calms. It is never just good for you while being bad for another and good never takes advantage of another. Good means Good-For-All.  Evil is a concentrated energy that draws a vivd line between it and the world, it cuts like a knife taking down people as it touches them. It may seem good for the doer, but it is bad for everyone else and this bad usually comes around and is also eventually bad for the doer. Bad is Bad and evil is destructive in a bad way.

As a carrier of light, the choice becomes easier. Become a carrier of light by sharing good. A smile, a kind gesture, empathy and understanding, a good action asks for nothing in return, it brings a blessing into our lives.

Together We are One and in joy and acceptance we can find an easy path to make our choices, for good.

As we remember today and all those who died on 9/11 /01 and in other extremist evil acts in the world overall, let’s remember that in our hearts we are good and make good choices. We are all human and in this life experience together, peace can be found in kindness and allowance and gratefulness.

Smile at others, accept peace in yourself.


Awaken Into the Day


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While we sleep, a new day of potential is being stirred. It does not become “today” until we awaken and experience and name it. Today becomes the day expected based on probabilities. Though not alone in this creation and because expectations can be buffeted it remains that this creation is based on choices which are founded on probabilities.

Where we all are headed in this moment might appear to have a logical conclusion and certainly that is one avenue of potential. Because of buffeting and experiences we can see, this path will most likely change. But it remains that the choices we make are based on probabilities.

The thought that each day is a new day and yesterday is gone is a powerful creative thought. Life is multi-path potential and the path taken is the most probable one based on previous experiences. Yesterday may be gone but lives on in the probabilities of today.

Creating a real, new reality requires us to step out of our probabilities but even that we would/will do this is a probability. So maybe we never can experience true serendipity even though with buffeting it may feel like that. Our probabilities basically define who we are. Probabilities are based on likes, dislikes, environment and history.

Our path is modified by others/interaction but how I proceed from that moment is still my unique and most probable path which in turns focus my experience and creates my history and probabilities.

Happy life! Create! Life from a Quantum Theory Perspective. #quantumtheory 20210529

Create Life

If life is perception and probability then the norm is to create more of the same. What came before predicts the future. If you don’t like this predicament then shake up the probabilities by making different choices and following through. Change your direction through choices; change your life and follow through.

Reread the paragraph above. This is quantum thinking. Not imagining something into existence but understanding how it comes down to probabilities based on focus, energy and wave function.

The story of color

There is a range of human cultures and skin color. In our time stage stories of these cultures and colors has wIsley been told by white culture and even within that males.

The white male came and conquered and won putting good over evil, as our history books tell.

There is only one reason to conquer and that is control, power, money. Me over you.

We need to rewrite history and the best way is every culture gets to tell their story, the good the bad and the ugly. Then maybe we can all see each other with compassion and empathy. To start, walk a mile in their shoes and consider that your story is not the only one.

This of course works in relationships and in groups and companies. Who is fighting for power and controlling the story? Why?

Life as we see it

I have not written a post in a while. Part perspective and part not into it.

Life is random. Made up of opportunities, choices and serendipitous random moments that lead to more choices and so the world turns. The thing to remember is every human is going through this. We are all together in this experience and the more we recognize this and live through allowance, while respecting each other’s boundaries, the better off we will all be.

Still life is also hard. Difficult to not be negative about at times as well. My own life has astounded me at the level of hardship and struggle to not be negative moments I endure. This blog is but one way I work through things and remind myself to stay positive. I also make music, as mediocre as it may be, because it is my creative outlet.

I work two jobs to make up for income I way getting from one in 2013. The pure moments in time that lead me to today, other than being born, but life serendipity and choices, are 1970, 1981, 1987, 2000, 2001, 2011, 2013 and 2020, above all others, as I see them. Different choices in these years would have created a much different life now.

Having kids has been hard, more than rewarding, at least so far. I don’t mean this negatively but working two jobs and COVID-19 have both really changed mine and their experience and the damage is done. I feel so disconnected from my kids it amazes me. I try and nothing seems to work.

I look at the world full of opportunity as I slug away day after day and tell myself attitude is what matters. If it were so easy…..

I am that that I am

I am so I create. I realize my truth by being that I am. Behavior matters. Consciously behave. Feel the energy created through your behavior. Ask yourself: “Is this the energy I want to create?” When I behave in the light of my vision, I connect to the creation of that reality.

We connect to our vision through our behavior, setting up our reality.


The one tool we have that can consciously and consistently connect to our created future is our behavior. Today and in every opportunity you have, connect through your behavior to the reality you want by behaving in the way you would behave in that reality. Take the step to connect by stepping into that behavior that you have in your imagined reality.

Behave accordingly with an attitude of gratitude. Allow others their own realities as well; we each deserve the reality which we create. Our job is to focus on ours through our behavior.


My Personal COVID-19 Statement.

My Personal COVID-19 statement.

  1. The COVID-19 virus itself is real and pernicious and given no precautions could infect everyone.
  2. The COVID-19 basically causes a cold/fever that in a weakened immune system can get into the lungs and be fatal to the individual.
  3. Older people and people with weakened immune systems are most at risk. For “most” people the cold/fever is a mild deterrent and no more contagious than any cold/fever. It is passed by getting droplets by such as a sneeze or cough or touching something that had such droplets on it within up to 9 days of being sprayed and then touching your face to allow the virus into your body.
  4. The Pandemic is largely human caused because humans are frail, insecure and fearful hoarding creatures by nature. The flight or fight subconscious energy that causes people to stand in lines to by/hoard toilet paper comes from a long line of indelible memory of such things being hoarded in the past.
  5. “Flatten the curve” is the best meme/advice I can come up with. By being part of the energy to flatten the curve, means we take precautions and remain calm. We realize there is enough that we don’t need to panic. Our resources are not going to disappear over night and everyone is not going to die.
  6. Remain calm and proceed cautiously with care for yourself and for those around you.

Get this

I care immensely about climate change. I try to guide my kids in this manner, after all it’s their world to save but it’s my job to get them there with brains that can problem solve and that can pull solutions out of creative imagination into the physical world.

So my job as a dad is to make the realization, we never completely considered, important. Still that doesn’t mean I don’t stop and make music, write poetry, have a root beer float with them, or go on a skiing vacation when we can save enough money up, if ever…..

My point is there are these grand scale problems and there are our lives to live. How can I not use plastic? Each day I am reminded how big is my carbon footprint and wonder how much more trouble am I making for their future? If we didn’t die of old age, perhaps we’d all be more concerned?

To my kids and their generation of kids born since 2000. I am sorry for the world we have given you. This wasn’t in our consciousness coming out of the expanding industrial revolution. We thought it would go on forever. We partied like it was 1999 not thinking about our effect on 2099.

We do need to do everything we can. We need to imagine out of the box and think of solutions no one has yet thought. We are humans, we can do this and remember along the way, it’s ok to enjoy life for the experience it offers, too.

Future • Now • Past

If you are aware of Course in Miracles, the basis is physical is the past. Edgar Cayce says physical is the result. Quantum physics says physical is dependent on the viewer.

In the end they all say generally the same thing. After you build the table you use it. You move on to build new things. The table becomes a moment that stretches beyond time as you see and interact with it. By seeing the present moment as now in a physical world is to misalign the present to the past.

Mind is the builder, it is the engine that moves imagination into reality by employing and coalescing universal energies into results.

Imagination is the future where all ideas exist beyond time and with our focus become buildable results. As we live, we move through these three spaces. Caught up in physical need, we give most of our emotion (energy in motion) to the physical, we build by necessity and we put aside our imagination as child’s play.

I am here to say we have it backwards

1. Connect to the future you want by imagining you have had that already. Feel it as though it has happened. Remember coalescing reality is dependent on the viewer experiencing it, feeling it as the result.

2. Allow the universal energies to coalesce and through proper present focus, build that future.

3. Move through your physical past recognizing what is represents as a testament to your ability to link with your future vision. This is true measure and proper alignment.

Bless you all. We are a world caught up in the past, let’s realign in these wonderful “Restoring 20’s”.

Power our imagination to come up with buildable solutions for peace, environment, equality and safety. ©️2020

Party like it’s 19, er 2019.

1999 has been a tough year. Politically it has been wearing on even the toughest folks. It is the last year of the 10’s decade. Which is a decade that couldn’t stand up to the first decade of a new millennium.

What it brings to mind is the “roaring 20’s” and what the promise of the 2020’s holds in potential coming after. In fact I bet they felt a bit like this in 1920.

This is not meant to ignore the issues at hand such as single use plastic elimination and climate change and an impending election campaign year and the myriad issues therein. It is my perspective that humans do know how to come together and solve issues. We gotten this far, we can’t give up now. I believe in human imagination and ingenuity. I believe we can come up with solutions that haven’t even been thought up yet; ideas still locked up in our infinite intelligence.

So this is about moving on, letting go of the past in order to free our minds to be excited for our futures, as individuals and collectively as humans living on earth. 2020 symbolically references perfect sight, the ability to focus clearly to see and to achieve goals based on clarity.

Let’s together immerse ourselves in this energetic motion to create a new reality and realize new successes. Be excited and positive. A new reality is out there for the creating.