When we sum up someone by their weaknesses, we are less happy, more limiting. We are not letting the other person grow, we are not accepting that they can grow and learn. And in turn we hold ourselves back by limiting our growth with them. Out projections on them cause a double bind and now holds two lives back, not to mention all the other lives these two touch and affect.

Labeling another infers that you are making a blanket statement about them. Defining them. Your statement is the projection.

Think about it. For example if you are told you are lazy, and the person making the statement that’s you how they treat lazy people, they will be less open to you seeing how you are becoming more proactive.

The motivating thought here is it is much better for everyone to work on a platform built on the “power of why”. Be willing to ask, “Why?” when you feel yourself making a blanket statement. Ask it of yourself. Ask the other person if they see themselves the same way you do. Use the notion of your own projection to have a conversation to help both of you heal and grow.

Life is a string of learning opportunities from birth to death. Embrace it. Stop limiting yourself by limiting others.

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