It has been a while since I have posted. Admittedly these post are a bit of pontificating vagaries so I have been playing with a shorter format making valuable mind shifting memes in four words under #fourwordfriday

Here is a collection of four word memes that I or others have come up with and are in my and available to your consciousness, should you like to mix the into your blueprint.

Mostly, share your smile

No money, no time

Don’t ever give up

Dream it, Stream it

Relax, don’t do it

Do good. Be good

Listen more than speak

Learn from the past

Think free. Be free

Get up, get going

Stay lean and active

Express from your success.

Together, We Are One.

opportunity is a doorway.

each step strengthens you

A moment in time.

I am all alone

It doesn’t matter anymore

Find beauty in everything

Imagine there no heaven

Imagine there no hell

Only sky above us

Imagine all the people

Living only for today

…in the quietest moments

Your contribution matters indelibly

Replace expectation with curiosity

Positive Attitude. Positive Outcome

Talk less, do more

Stay focused on point

Give freely to receive

I will to ____________ (full in the blank)

A continuing list……

Please add your motivating four word memes to the list!