Hi guys, this is a love letter. I love you guys so much, today and through all our tomorrows. Enough to tell you important things and to listen to your troubles. I am here for you.

It is painful for me to watch the mindprints being developed in your minds, knowing there is so much potential in both of you. I understand you are growing up in a very different time than I did, but I can tell you without a doubt managing the development of  your mind is the most important thing you can do. Losing it to entertainment is dangerous. The world’s progress is not based on being entertained, it is based on creating.
I feel in many ways I have not been the parent I want to be for you. Based on many factors, maybe someday you’ll understand but now it not the time, my efforts have curtailed, so I need to find a way to communicate with you. For me, this might be the best way I can come up with right now, given the time we have. But I am asking for you to be more willing to spend actual time with me. We have a lot to accomplish and I have many things to teach you.
Mostly I want to reframe your mindprint to one of curiosity or expectation, of learning from mistakes rather than to be limited by them and from a desire to create more than watch.
It is going to take an effort from all of to choose to give each other time and focus when we have it. We can do better than we have and I would appreciate you efforts too. I want to help. I love you guys.
Thank you for reading. Please ask any questions you may ever have.
Your Dad.