Life in America is fucked up. The American Dream has been stolen by the rich getting richer and squeezing the middle class out of existence, while they spend millions of dollars on investigations. The original intent of our constitution missed the cultural problem being created by failing reconstruction in the first place and build America on a base of routing the Native Americans to call this place our home.

These problems will not be solved by the individual who carries empathy and equality in their heart. There is a fundamental shift occurring in America. The rich want to blame the loss of the American Dream on immigration and especially illegal immigration. The fact of the matter is we are a country of immigrants. So the problem really is more one of country age and population. As resources on our changing earth become more limited for a growing population, people are growing to migrate to the most resource rich place. This is historically true. Now that the population is greater, making the world smaller, the boundaries are going to gray.

Until the leaders look at this as a world population issue and stop trying to pretend it wasn’t a political issue in the first place. With both the Native American routing and the inability to complete reconstruction after the Civil War as two kingpin political weaknesses, we’ll continue this problem.

Meanwhile as long as CEOs are not trying their salaries to their own bottom tier in order to bring up those below them into more rewarding lives, we’ll continue this problem.

We may be a great country and we may have a great constitution, but we are not living up to its greatness. The original intent was to bring all Americans along for the ride, to embrace the legal immigrant, to be a shining star in the earthly constellation of nations. With inequality, racism and the rich getting richer while poor get poorer, we have serious work to do.

Symbolically people on the earth are heating up, we are feeling the burn. And the earth is only a reflection of our spiritual state.

Remember: “Together We Are One” Together was can calm our spirits and work together to cool this down, if we don’t we are doomed.

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.