We cannot have a complete understanding of why inequality for women and people of color, without reviewing the past.

Much of the block can be tracked back to the assassination of Lincoln on April 14, 1865. Andrew Johnson assumes the presidency and was not the man to follow through with Lincoln’s plans. Unfortunately as better as Grant may have been in many cases, the removal of federal troops from the south put the final nail in “Reconstruction’s” coffin.

Frankly the inability for the government to complete reconstruction for the sake of future generations was a huge and short-sighted misstep. This is largely, if not solely a political issue. We the people are not the problem, overall. The problem is enlarged or resolved by our leadership. Without the political will to resolve reconstruction when it would have had far reaching results of increased Omni-equality, leaves us hurting today.

The political energy back then, especially, was largely “white males” and this is no help in the matter.

It is also why Reparations is a valid consideration. For better or worse Native American “reconstruction” ended with them retaining their own sovereignty and land within the United States. This is not a discussion about the good or bad of this, just as an example. Blacks largely got nothing and were berated along the way.

The vote to black men and women overall was a political fiasco when the divide struck for not both but not one without the other.

Overall the steps to Omni-Equality are long and difficult and largely political. If this Trump Presidency is doing anything it is bringing issues like this to the forefront. It is time to do something about it. I believe the step lies within the political leadership but I doubt they can accomplish it, because culturally, that divide still exists. Luckily it is quite as much a “white man’s” club as it used to be. There is always hope.

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