It has occurred to me that in my recent blogs I have struck a chord for me that many of the issues in our society are culturally founded and politically based.

I keep struggling with, “What can I do?”, when I am a white man in a white man’s culture raised in the baby boomer years on the heels of American expansion and industrial revolution. Coupling this with the Baby Boomer meme that rules them all: “I’m OK,you’re OK” (Ken Wilber, @thekenwilber “Boomeritis”©️2002)

It has finally dawned on me. “We the people” have to take matters in our hands.

1. Stop complaining and whining. Instead take positive action.

2. Resist labeling people of any color at every opportunity. From here on out think of it as only: a man or men, a woman or women, child or children, girl or girls or boy or boys, young adult or young adults.

Removing the color/race and even sexual orientation labeling will flatten our experience to a human one and so flatten also our cultures to heal from the inside out.

As a thought motivator, the more we realize what is done to any of us is done to all of us, the better off we will be. Build empathy on the golden rule.

By forcing ourselves to interact as humans is a first step which we can each take an individual stance. Please join me in taking a step toward Omni-Equality by removing such culturally loaded labels from our speech and clearing them from our mind.

I challenge the media to do this on a grander scale.

Thoughts expressed here are my own opinion on how culturally we can achieve, “Together We Are One”

Thank you for reading, taking action and sharing.