Oh, and Zoomer, GenXer, Ya’ll listen up. I got something to say.

We all live in the same world, one world, one size fits all.

We all get one life, one creative push, before it’s all over and so is our generation.

It’s a wonderful thing of life the generations can build on each other, that history can be learned from and that mistakes don’t have to be repeated.

We Americans can go from believing Native Americans should be put on Reservations to realizing that we are equals and to honor them. We can go from see Blacks as lesser Being that can be owned to understanding we are equals and to stand by them.

Through our generations we learn, we grow and we can be better. It does no good to tear others down, that is so, last century, so last astrological age. We are in the symbolic age of Aquarius and our meme is synthesis. So hey you dualists out there get conscious and start synthesizing into a better place.

Boomers got “I’m ok, you’re ok” which @kenwilbur gave us as a meme in his book, Boomeritis. What is yours and what will you synthesize with it? We Boomers (as I am) can grow to understand that through both/all of us having an understanding, we can create a better outcome than from one generation alone.

Be strong. Be vibrant. “Together, We Are One”.

Thank you for reading and your kind, provoking comments.

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