1999 has been a tough year. Politically it has been wearing on even the toughest folks. It is the last year of the 10’s decade. Which is a decade that couldn’t stand up to the first decade of a new millennium.

What it brings to mind is the “roaring 20’s” and what the promise of the 2020’s holds in potential coming after. In fact I bet they felt a bit like this in 1920.

This is not meant to ignore the issues at hand such as single use plastic elimination and climate change and an impending election campaign year and the myriad issues therein. It is my perspective that humans do know how to come together and solve issues. We gotten this far, we can’t give up now. I believe in human imagination and ingenuity. I believe we can come up with solutions that haven’t even been thought up yet; ideas still locked up in our infinite intelligence.

So this is about moving on, letting go of the past in order to free our minds to be excited for our futures, as individuals and collectively as humans living on earth. 2020 symbolically references perfect sight, the ability to focus clearly to see and to achieve goals based on clarity.

Let’s together immerse ourselves in this energetic motion to create a new reality and realize new successes. Be excited and positive. A new reality is out there for the creating.

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