If you are aware of Course in Miracles, the basis is physical is the past. Edgar Cayce says physical is the result. Quantum physics says physical is dependent on the viewer.

In the end they all say generally the same thing. After you build the table you use it. You move on to build new things. The table becomes a moment that stretches beyond time as you see and interact with it. By seeing the present moment as now in a physical world is to misalign the present to the past.

Mind is the builder, it is the engine that moves imagination into reality by employing and coalescing universal energies into results.

Imagination is the future where all ideas exist beyond time and with our focus become buildable results. As we live, we move through these three spaces. Caught up in physical need, we give most of our emotion (energy in motion) to the physical, we build by necessity and we put aside our imagination as child’s play.

I am here to say we have it backwards

1. Connect to the future you want by imagining you have had that already. Feel it as though it has happened. Remember coalescing reality is dependent on the viewer experiencing it, feeling it as the result.

2. Allow the universal energies to coalesce and through proper present focus, build that future.

3. Move through your physical past recognizing what is represents as a testament to your ability to link with your future vision. This is true measure and proper alignment.

Bless you all. We are a world caught up in the past, let’s realign in these wonderful “Restoring 20’s”.

Power our imagination to come up with buildable solutions for peace, environment, equality and safety.

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