I care immensely about climate change. I try to guide my kids in this manner, after all it’s their world to save but it’s my job to get them there with brains that can problem solve and that can pull solutions out of creative imagination into the physical world.

So my job as a dad is to make the realization, we never completely considered, important. Still that doesn’t mean I don’t stop and make music, write poetry, have a root beer float with them, or go on a skiing vacation when we can save enough money up, if ever…..

My point is there are these grand scale problems and there are our lives to live. How can I not use plastic? Each day I am reminded how big is my carbon footprint and wonder how much more trouble am I making for their future? If we didn’t die of old age, perhaps we’d all be more concerned?

To my kids and their generation of kids born since 2000. I am sorry for the world we have given you. This wasn’t in our consciousness coming out of the expanding industrial revolution. We thought it would go on forever. We partied like it was 1999 not thinking about our effect on 2099.

We do need to do everything we can. We need to imagine out of the box and think of solutions no one has yet thought. We are humans, we can do this and remember along the way, it’s ok to enjoy life for the experience it offers, too.